Our much anticipated “E-Day” is finally here: El’s Army is invading Prime ATC! This is a welcome invasion, and we are more than happy to see these soldiers arriving at our dispensary locations.

As you can see in the photo below, we decided to bundle our three phenotypes together and sell them as “El’s Army Pheno Box Set.” This way, patients can sample each of the three phenotypes to see how they differ. We are also enclosing a survey and requesting feedback on each phenotype so we can decide which of the three (if any) we should grow again. If you’d like to be one of the first patients to try this flower and provide feedback, visit our menu and place an order today!

When you return your completed survey, we will happily reward you with a $5 store credit.

El's Army Pheno Box Set Contents. Camoflauge box, three 1g samples, and a survey.
El’s Army “Battle of the Buds” Pheno Box Set

But before you sample the new flower, we would like to finish telling you about these interesting plants. When we concluded our last blog, El’s Army had just entered the flowering phase, and the three phenotypes were already showing significant variations.

One Very Hazy Pheno!

The most obvious difference was that phenotype #4 reached for the sky much more quickly and aggressively than phenos #1 and #2. A few plants even grew up into our lights, which created some challenges for our cultivation team.

photo of El's Army plants
El’s Army Pheno #4 stretches up into the lights while other soldiers seem to be in less of a hurry.

So why would pheno #4 display such different characteristics than its siblings? For an explanation, we can look back at the genetics. In our first blog, we told you El’s Army was bred by Dynasty Genetics, a cross of Moose and Lobsta x Super Silver Haze. Here’s what we said about these “parents” of El’s Army:

“Moose and Lobsta has emerged as a popular sativa-dominant hybrid in New England. It is known for its fruity, skunky smell and overtones of diesel fuel. Super Silver Haze is an award-winning sativa prized for its energizing, uplifting effects.” 

“Meet the Winner!”

To gain a deeper understanding, we asked Prime’s Director of Cultivation, Antonio Garcia, to share his insights. He told us pheno #4 exhibited rapid growth and other characteristics associated with the Super Silver Haze lineage. Antonio also mentioned that patients who have been visiting Prime for years may find that this pheno reminds them of two of our previous Haze cultivars: Tangerine Haze and Moonshine Haze.

“The other two phenotypes (#1 and #2) I would say are a little more unique,” he said. “I’m really excited to see what patients think.”

One thing all three phenos had in common: they all produced beautiful colas!

photo of beautiful El's Army flower, pre-harvest
El’s Army flower, pre-harvest

Will El’s Army Occupy Prime’s Menus?

Ultimately, we will base our decision about the future of El’s Army on patients’ feedback. If you find that one of these phenos is especially helpful in relieving your symptoms, please be sure to let us know!

Here’s what the three phenos ended up looking like after they were harvested, shucked, cured, and trimmed:

Also, like all our products, each batch was tested by an independent testing lab before being packaged and added to our menus.

Antonio told us he “would love to grow El’s Army again” if patients find it helpful. All three “mom” plants are standing by, ready to propagate, as we wait for patients to try these phenos and complete our survey!

For more insights, check out this video interview with Antonio discussing El’s Army!

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