Sativa Sixteen!

We’ve already told you about the first phase of our March Madness Sale, and now we are unveiling our fun “Sativa Sixteen” promotion! From March 17 through April 3, our Prime ATC product categories will compete to determine which is patients’ favorite. Tournament brackets are on display at both dispensaries so you can track your favorite product category’s progress.

Here’s how it works:

For the first two rounds of the Sativa Sixteen, winners will be determined by total sales across both dispensaries. There will be a contest each day, and brackets will be updated each morning during the promotion.

Then, when the semifinals begin on March 31, the game changes. For each of the three final games, patients will cast votes in person at the dispensaries to determine a winner. The championship game will take place on Tuesday, April 3, which coincides with the final game of the basketball tournament.

Any patient who votes for a winner on March 31, April 1, or April 3 will be rewarded with a $5 store credit. These credits will be redeemable beginning April 7.

If you are a basketball fan, we hope you enjoy March Madness. Regardless of whether you like basketball or not, we hope you enjoy our March Madness Sale and Sativa Sixteen promotion!

March Madness Sativa Sixteen bracket poster

Vape Madness!

March and April are shaping up to be great months for sales at Prime ATC, beginning with Vape Madness! For the first phase of our March Madness Sale, we are offering awesome bulk discounts on all our vape cartridges from now until April 3, as follows:

  • Buy any 3 vapes, get 1 free
  • Buy any 5 vapes, get 2 free
  • Buy any 10 vapes, get 4 free

Visit our menu if you’d like to place an order!

If you prefer flower over “Vape Madness,” stay tuned for the next announcement. We will be adding flower options to the sale when the Sweet 16 begins on March 23. By the time the Final Four rolls around (April 1-3), all Prime products will be on sale!

vape madness graphic

Seniors, military veterans, and patients enrolled in the Compassionate Care Program will receive an additional 10% discount. Sale may not be combined with other discounts or loyalty points redemptions. While supplies last. No rainchecks. Orders must be picked up by end of sale to receive discounts.

If you like basketball, we hope you enjoy watching the tournament!

El’s Army Grows

Remember El’s Army, the winning cultivar selected by patients at our Cannaversary celebration? Our staff recently harvested this new flower, and we are excited to share it with you. Assuming all goes well with independent lab testing, it will be arriving on dispensary shelves soon!

But before you try the new flower, we want to finish telling you the story of these plants. As we reported previously, our growers planted four El’s Army seeds on August 24. The seedlings were up-potted on September 9, and each plant was labeled with a unique barcode for tracking purposes.

El's Army vegetative
Four El’s Army plants begin to reach for the sky

Unfortunately, as we mentioned in our first El’s Army blog, “much can go wrong during the growing process.” While three of our young soldiers appeared to be healthy females, plant #3 began showing signs of intersex traits. When this happens, we immediately remove the plant from production.

photo of seedling with male flowers
This El’s Army plant demonstrated intersex traits and was immediately removed from production

Propagation Day

You might wonder how three little plants are supposed to produce enough cannabis to supply patients. The answer is “propagation.” On October 17, our staff took approximately 18 cuttings from each of the three plants. If all goes well, each cutting is expected to develop into a mature, flowering beauty! From this point forward, the original three plants will be known as “mothers.”

Preparation is key to successful propagation. A few weeks before we propagate a plant, the mother plant will be “topped” or “tipped” to encourage lateral branching. This increases the number of cuts that will be available. The practice is as simple as removing a top portion of the plant’s tallest stalk, known as the “leader.” Removing the leader causes plant hormones to be redistributed to lower portions of the plant, promoting new leaders to take the old leader’s place.

For each cutting, we carefully remove a branch and immediately place it into a cup with water. The cutting is then carefully trimmed to facilitate growth and placed into a pre-soaked “propagation plug,” where it can begin to take root and form a new plant.

photo of seedling and propagation plug
El’s Army cutting in a propagation plug

To keep track of each new soldier, we place them on a tray and label each phenotype. Labels include the date of the cuttings and the initials of the employees who took them. The cuts are still very sensitive at this stage, so we spray a dome with water and place it over the tray for the first night or two to keep them moist. On average, roots will start to poke out of their plugs one week after propagation. These cuts will live happily in our “Mom Room” until they are ready to be transplanted and moved into the vegetative phase.

Now that each mother plant has produced offspring that are genetically identical to the mother, we have created three different “phenotypes.” At this point, you can already see clear differences emerging between the cuttings from El’s Army #1, #2, and #4.

photo of cuttings, some much taller than others
Does El’s Army have a minimum height requirement? Asking for phenotype #2.

So what happens to the mother plants? We keep them alive and happy while we wait to see what happens with their offspring! If one or more of these phenotypes produces amazing cannabis flower, we will surely want to propagate more cuttings from that mother in the future.

Next: Transplant Day and the Vegetative Stage

Supporting MS Society in March

Multiple sclerosis is a terrible disease that impacts many N.H. patients and their families. For our March community outreach project, we will be raising money to support the National MS Society, which strives to “cure MS while empowering people affected by MS to live their best lives.”

In March, you can help us support this worthy cause by purchasing concentrates. We will donate $1 for every .5g of concentrate sold and $2 for every 1g sold!

Visit our menu if you’d like to place an order.

MS Society graphic

RIP Medical Debt!

Our campaign to eliminate medical debt in northern New England was a huge success. We raised a total of $12,550 in January and February, exceeding our goal! Thanks to all who pitched in by purchasing capsules or making direct donations. We are also very grateful to United Canna Supply, one of our vendors, for contributing over $1,000. Our donation to RIP Medical Debt will enable the elimination of more than $1 million in outstanding medical debts!

Live Terpene Distillate Vapes

We are pleased to announce a new line of vape cartridges from Prime ATC: Live Terpene THC Distillate Vapes! Four varieties are now appearing on our menus: Fruit Basket, Pot-Pourri, Sugah Shack, and Sweet Pine.

These new Live Terpene Vapes are similar to our other THC Distillate Vape Cartridges because they are made with the same cannabis oil from plants we grow ourselves. However, there is a key difference in the terpenes that are used. Unlike our other THC Distillate Vapes (Clementine, Grand Daddy Purple, Zkittles), which are produced using a blend of terpenes from non-cannabis plants, these Live Terpene Vapes are made with terpenes harvested from sun-grown cannabis plants. In order to maintain maximum freshness, the live cannabis terpenes are kept at sub-zero temperatures until our lab is ready to blend them and fill cartridges.

We also offer Full Spectrum THC Vape Cartridges, which are quite different. Unlike Distillate Vapes, our Full Spectrum Vapes are made using cannabis oil from specific cultivars. The oil used for these vape cartridges is less refined and appears darker in color. Since the oil contains the “full spectrum” of cannabinoids and terpenes that were present in the plant itself, our Full Spectrum Vapes tend to taste more like cannabis than Distillate Vapes.

If you find relief from a specific flower cultivar, it makes sense to try a Full Spectrum Vape that is derived from it. Some patients prefer Full Spectrum Vapes, and others prefer Distillate Vapes. We look forward to hearing your feedback on our new Live Terpene THC Distillate Vape Cartridges!

If you’d like more information on vape cartridges and how to use vape batteries, check out our Vape Cartridges and Batteries page.

vape cartridge photo
Prime ATC Distillate Vape Cartridge

Valentine’s Day Weekend Sale!

If you like chocolate, we think you’re going to love our Valentine’s Day Weekend Sale. All brownies and chocolates are currently 20% off, while supplies last! The sale has already begun and will continue until Tuesday, Feb. 14.

Since the Valentine’s Day Weekend Sale is focused entirely on chocolate, we thought this would be a good time to tell you more about the high quality Callebaut Belgian chocolate we use in all our chocolate products. We believe our chocolates are the best around, and we hope you agree!

Visit our menu if you’d like to place an order for Prime ATC chocolate.

sale graphic, all brownies and chocolates 20% off through February 14

Prime Quality Chocolate

At Prime ATC, we take great pride in the quality of our chocolate products. Our expert chocolatier, Chantal Roy, does a really fantastic job!

If you love chocolate as much as we do, you may be concerned by recent news that some commercially available dark chocolate products contain lead and other heavy metals. Consumer Reports tested several popular brands and identified several containing elevated levels of lead and cadmium.

Fortunately, Prime only uses chocolate from a very high quality source: Callebaut. All our chocolate products, even the chocolate chips in our chocolate chip cookies, are made with Callebaut Belgian chocolate. This company has an excellent reputation, and we have never heard or found any concerning reports regarding their dark chocolate.

In addition to its reputation for quality, Callebaut is known for its commitment to responsible and ethical business practices. Through its Forever Chocolate and Cocoa Horizons programs, Callebaut is working to make sustainable chocolate the norm.

Callebaut even includes codes on their bags of chocolate that allow you to trace their origins. Here are a few codes from the bags of chocolate we have recently used, in case you want to use Callebaut’s chocolate tracker link to learn more about the chocolate in our products:

Dark Chocolate – 68ee573de7

Milk Chocolate – c9ab87cbd2

White Chocolate – 3cd740b0fd

We are glad our chocolate products are so popular with patients! Check out our menu if you’d like to place an order.

photo of Prime white chocolate squares
Prime White Chocolate Squares

Introducing Prime Small Budz!

Thursday, January 19, is National Popcorn Day! We don’t actually sell popcorn at Prime ATC, but this seemed like a good day to launch a new flower product that some people call “popcorn buds.”

We will be using the term “Small Budz.” It’s the same high quality flower you expect from Prime, just smaller buds at a lower price point!

Beginning Thursday, we will have four varieties of Small Budz available at both dispensaries: LA Kush Cake, Lemon Grab, Power Nap, and Sour Kush. They will be available in 7g containers and priced at $75 each, while supplies last.

Our Small Budz may not be buttery or salty (ok, they definitely aren’t!), but we believe patients will like them much better than actual popcorn. We hope you enjoy our Small Budz, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

If you’d like to place an order, visit our menu!

"popcorn buds" graphic promoting Small Budz flower

Help Prime Eliminate Medical Debt!

We are kicking off 2023 with an ambitious community outreach project: eliminating medical debt in northern New England! Prime will donate 20% of all capsule sales in January and February to support this worthy cause.

RIP Medical Debt is a non-profit organization that uses donations to purchase bundled medical debt portfolios on the secondary debt market, and then forgives that debt at pennies on the dollar. Prime ATC’s campaign with RIP Medical Debt will benefit individuals and families with outstanding debts in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

On average, $1 is leveraged to abolish $100 in debts, and every donation through this campaign will be spent directly on abolishing medical debt in northern New England. When debt relief recipients open the yellow envelope from RIP Medical Debt, they are told that their debt has been bought by a third party and erased with no strings attached. They owe nothing on the debt and face no tax penalty. 

Every dollar we contribute will be a $100 investment in northern New England. On average, $8.87 will wipe out the debt associated with a single billing account. Money will stay in the community instead of being taken by debt collectors. Our goal is to raise $10,000, which will eliminate approximately $1 million in debts.

If you’d like to place an order for capsules, visit our menu. You can also support the campaign with a direct donation here.

Help us raise $10,000 and make a $1 million impact on New England medical debt relief.

End of Year Savings!

Our End of Year Sale will begin on Thursday, December 22, and it will continue until New Year’s Eve, while supplies last!

For this sale, all Heavenly Sativa and Temple of the Dawg flower will be 20% off. In addition, all of our drink mixes and remaining holiday boxes will be 20% off.

We will also be offering select pre-rolls and vapes for 10% off. The pre-rolls are Heavenly Sativa, Lemon Grab, Star Mints, and Panama Red, and the vapes are Clementine, D8, LA Kush Cake, and Temple of the Dawg.

If you’d like to place an order, visit our menu! Happy Holidays from all our staff at Prime ATC!

Seniors, military veterans, and patients enrolled in the Compassionate Care Program will receive an additional 10% discount. Sale may not be combined with other discounts or loyalty points redemptions. While supplies last. No rainchecks. Orders must be picked up by end of sale to receive discounts.

As a reminder, please make a note of our holiday hours.