Patients told us they loved our holiday boxes last year, so this year we are offering six exciting options!

Supplies are limited, so visit our menu today if you’d like to place an order. Here are the choices we have assembled for you:

CannaBomb Box ($15)

To create this delicious holiday experience, we enclose Prime’s THC-infused hot cocoa mix in a beautiful chocolate shell. Just drop the “bomb” into a mug of steaming hot water or milk, give it a stir, and watch as it transforms into a delicious beverage. Each CannaBomb contains 50mg of THC, so this might be a good product to share with another patient on a cold winter day!

photo of Cannabomb box, hot cocoa bomb infused with 50mg THC for $15

Ugly Sweater Pre-roll Box ($99)

If you prefer pre-rolls, you will love this “ugly sweater” pre-roll sampler. In addition to our popular LA Kush Cake, Kush Mints, and Sour Kush, the box includes nine blended pre-rolls. These include Heavenly Sativa + Golden Goat, LA Kush Cake + Star Mints, and Kush Mints + Temple of the Dawg. Try them all and discover which combinations work best for you!

Photo of ugly sweater box and list of 9 pre-rolls included for $99

Yule Log Vape Box ($199)

Our vape box combines five of our full spectrum vape cartidges for a discounted price of $199. Why choose between LA Kush Cake, Heavenly Sativa, Clientele Kush, Zudds, or Star Mints when you can try them all?

photo of Yule log box with 5 full spectrum vapes for $199

Gnome Box Featuring LA Kush Cake ($175)

This holiday box is a special treat for all the patients who have helped make LA Kush Cake the top-selling cultivar in New Hampshire! If you enjoy “LA,” the Gnome Box will allow you to experience it in several concentrated forms: vape, kief, diamonds, and shatter!

Gnome box featuring LA Kush Cake products

Mint Box ($59)

If you like mint-flavored edibles, we’ve got an awesome holiday box just for you! This box include two Mint Patties (50mg THC each), one White Chocolate Peppermint Square (20mg THC), one Nighttime Dark Chocolate Mint Square (20mg THC), and ten Cinna Mints (5mg THC each).

In addition to the edibles, this box includes our CBD/THC-infused Peppermint Lip Balm!

photo of Mint box

Gingerbread House Box Featuring Five Lozenges ($60)

Last but not least, our Gingerbread House Box is a great way to try all five varieties of Prime ATC lozenges for a discounted price. The flavors are Apple Cider, Butterscotch, Cinna Mint, Fruit Punch, and Orange. Each lozenge contains 5mg of THC, and there are a total of 50 lozenges in each box.

photo of gingerbread box

These holiday boxes are now available at both Prime ATC dispensaries. Supplies are limited, so be sure to grab them before they disappear! Visit our menu if you’d like to place an order.

Holiday Boxes Are Back!

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