For patients who have asked for more sativa flower options, we are pleased to announce that we have added two new sativas to our menus. These tall, rangy plants take longer to grow than their shorter indica or hybrid counterparts, but they can be worth the extra time and effort. Our only concern is that if we keep growing plants this tall, we might need to hire some extra tall staff members to care for them!

photo of Prime staff member being dwarfed by tall sativa plants
Klaus Poltilla, Prime’s director of operations, is not a short person – the plants behind him are just very tall!

The plants in the background above are a classic sativa cross: Panama x Colombian Gold. As the colas continued to expand, the stalks could barely support them, even with assistance.

photo of plants nearly falling over because the flowers are so heavy
This “Leaning Tower of Cannabis” is comprised of Panama x Colombian Gold plants that became too heavy for their stalks to support
Meet the New Flowers!

In addition to Panama x Colombian Gold, we are pleased to introduce another classic sativa cross: Golden Thai. This flower is available in 3.5g and 1g sizes and in single pre-rolls.

photo of Golden Thai flower, trimmed
Golden Thai (Gold King Thai x Double Colombian Gold x Panama Red x UK Cheese) flower, trimmed

The Panama x Colombian Gold came out looking good as well. However, since the buds were not as consistent as we might have liked, we decided to trim them and process them into pre-rolls.

photo of Panama x Columbian Gold flower, trimmed
Panama x Colombian Gold: available in single and multi-pack pre-rolls

In addition to these new sativas, we’ve also added a new hybrid flower called “Margolope.” We don’t quite know what to think of it yet, but it has an interesting smell and we believe it is worth a try!

photo of Margolope flower, trimmed
Margalope (Chocolope x Frozen Margie): available in 3.5g, 1g, single and multi-pack pre-rolls

As you can probably tell, we are very excited about the new flowers. And these are not the last new flowers we will be rolling out in 2021! Patients, we will be sure to tell you about new flower options when they arrive at the dispensaries. We look forward to hearing which ones you like best!

New Sativas Available!

One thought on “New Sativas Available!

  1. Yeah I prefer the earthy/sweet/skunky/gassy types as well sometimes I like to switch it up n go for the fruity try fpog! it’s nice better then runts but I always like go back to the gassy ones I prefer but still it’s I love them all it’s nice to get fruity citrus will ruin any gassy genetics I find the scents I like must be the less dominant genes cuz I try to breed them they never come out as good as they went in uno lol anyways lol I love finding new kinds to try man my number ones are like cookies and cream/ birthday cake or no it’s called ice cream cake! That ones been my favorite must try I been smoking since I was ten years old I’m 31 now and these past few years I been able to actually know what I’m smoking and get into the names and the indices/sativa and shit it’s dope my dad grew when I was a lol kid in our basement lol he grew something that smell like wedding cake nowadays idk it was really good thou kind of like ak47 idk I’m looking for that smell an taste I remember smelling it was soo good

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