Our inflation-busting efforts continue with a price reduction on all vapes! All Prime ATC vape cartridges are now priced at $48, down from $55.

They’re even more affordable when you buy in bulk. Patients can now get three vapes for $138 ($46 each), five for $220 ($44 each) or ten for $420 ($42 each). We currently have more than 20 different vapes on our menus, and this price reduction will make it easier to try more options!

graphic illustrating price reductions for all vapes

Like all Prime ATC products, we produce all our vapes in-house using oil from plants we grow ourselves. An independent lab tests all our products, so patients can always know what they are getting and feel confident in the quality.

Our staff has worked very hard to make this price reduction possible. We’ve already reduced prices on concentrates, kief, oral syringes, and tinctures this year, but we didn’t want to stop there. We always love seeing lower prices on our menus because we know patients will have an easier time affording therapeutic cannabis!

Price Cut: All Vapes!

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