Working with local producers is a sweet way to do business, and patients will taste the difference when they try Prime’s infused local honey!

You may know that all Prime’s therapeutic cannabis products are made in New Hampshire, but our commitment to local commerce doesn’t stop there! We believe in doing business with local vendors and producers whenever possible, and our infused honey products are a particularly tasty example of a local partnership that patients can appreciate.

Prime initially tried using honey from other producers, but our search for the perfect source ended when we found Peter And His Bees. Peter de Bruyn Kops has been fascinated by bees since sixth grade, and he has been producing honey in southern New Hampshire for 25 years. His experience really shows in the final product – we believe his honey is the best in the region!  

photo of Peter de Bruyn Kops wearing a beekeeper suit and working on a beehive
Peter de Bruyn Kops lifts a “super” off a hive at a farm in Milford, N.H. Photo by Katrina Holman

Many patients enjoy adding Prime local honey to a cup of hot tea or spreading it on toast. This is a convenient and delicious way to consume therapeutic cannabis! And for patients and caregivers who enjoy baking, honey works well in many recipes as a substitute for sugar. But the quality of the product depends almost entirely on the quality of the honey we are infusing. Fortunately, Peter’s honey tastes every bit as good as it looks:

photo of local honey being poured into jars
Jars filling with delicious honey from Peter And His Bees. Photo by Katrina Holman

Peter says he enjoys beekeeping because “it is a refuge from the stresses of modern life,” and he appreciates “the challenge of keeping the bees healthy and producing a good crop.” 

It is also a great way to stay connected with the natural world. “I love that beekeeping is so close to nature and the seasons in that the inside of a bee colony reflects the condition of plant life in the surrounding mile or so,” he explained.

Peter says his customers seek out local honey for a few important reasons. Some people find it helpful in dealing with seasonal allergies. Others feel strongly about buying local for ethical reasons, or because fraud is a significant issue in the international honey trade. Also, local honey just tastes better!

several jars of Peter's honey, including raw honey and creamed honey, and a package of comb honey
Local N.H. honey products packaged and ready for sale. Photo by Katrina Holman

If you’d like to try Peter’s honey in a non-infused form, it is available at the following locations:

in Amherst:

   Amherst Garden Center

   Sunny Valley Farms

in Canterbury:

   Hackleboro Orchard (seasonal)

in Dublin:

   Morningstar Maple

in Hollis:

   Lull Farm

in Loudon:

   Miles Smith Farm

In Milford:

   Fitch’s Corner Farmstand

   Lull Farm

   Trombly Gardens

in Mont Vernon:

   Mont Vernon General Store

in Nashua

   Lanna Asian Market

   Riverwalk Roasters Cafe

in Peterborough:

   Natures Green Grocer

   Rosaly’s Garden (seasonal)

In Wilton:

   Local Share

jar of Prime's infused honey
Prime ATC’s THC-infused honey

Prime’s THC-infused honey is available in daytime, anytime, or nighttime formulations. Patients, if you’d like to try it, you can find it here on our menus, in the “edible” section!

Prime Local Honey

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