Who can qualify?

If you suffer from a qualifying medical condition or symptom as defined in N.H. law, you may qualify for the therapeutic cannabis program (TCP). A complete list of qualifying conditions and symptoms is available here.

Who can certify?

A physician or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (A.P.R.N.) in New Hampshire or a neighboring state may certify patients for the TCP. A physician assistant may do so with the express consent of the supervising physician.

Why register?

Cannabis is still illegal in N.H. unless you are a registered patient or caregiver. If you become registered, your ID card will protect you from being arrested or fined for possession, and you will be able to purchase lab-tested cannabis from Prime ATC and other regulated dispensaries.

How can I find a willing medical provider?

Feel free to ask us! We maintain a list of medical providers who are willing to certify patients, and we would be happy to share our list with you. Email us at info@primeatc.com to inquire.

Where can I access the application forms?

You can find the forms and other important information here at the therapeutic cannabis program’s website.