As we enjoy this Memorial Day Weekend, we should all take a moment to remember the sacrifices of veterans who paid the ultimate price while serving our country.

A local organization called Swim With A Mission has designed and created plaques to honor 93 servicemembers from New Hampshire who died during recent military conflicts. Prime Assistant General Manager Josh Beecher ordered six of these plaques, one for each servicemember from the towns where Prime operates facilities.

Two plaques are dedicated to servicemembers from Merrimack, and those are on display in our Merrimack dispensary. The other plaques will be displayed at our production facility in Peterborough and our dispensary in Chichester.

Here is a photo of Josh receiving the plaques in Merrimack:

Because there were no plaques dedicated to servicemembers from Chichester, Josh selected a servicemember from Henniker to honor.

Here are the names of the six servicemembers: Army Sergeant Russell M. Durgin (Henniker), Air National Guard Technical Sergeant David Guindon (Merrimack), Air Force Sergeant Ronald J. Ouellette (Merrimack), Marine Lance Corporal Brandon Garabrant (Peterborough), Army Sergeant John A. Lyons (Peterborough), Army Private First Class Clinton E. Springer II (Peterborough).

Thank you, Josh, for reminding us all of the reason for this holiday weekend!

Remembering N.H. Servicemembers

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