Types of Concentrates


There are several variations of concentrates which are created by various methods of extraction and refinement processes. Each type has its own unique consistency, texture, and flavor profile. Here is more information about the types of cannabis concentrates that we offer at Prime ATC. If you want to see what products we have available, or if you want to place an order, check out our menu.

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How to Use Tinctures


Tinctures are liquids that are intended to be absorbed through the blood vessels in your mouth. For patients who are not able to use inhaled methods of administration, tinctures are a good option for fast acting relief. Tinctures can also be useful for microdosing, when small amounts are taken regularly for continuous relief. Tinctures can be a great method for new patients to get used to the effects of cannabinoids and find the best therapeutic dose. We recommend patients start with a low dose and slowly increase over several days or weeks to find their optimal dosage.

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Types of Tinctures


Tinctures absorb through the tissue under your tongue, which allows them to begin taking effect more quickly than edible cannabis products. Tinctures can work well for patients who want to micro-dose or start from a small dose and build up. They may also work for patients that do not get relief with other methods of consumption. We have 8 types of tinctures to choose from, each with a different mixture of cannabinoids and potential therapeutic benefits.

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