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How to Use a Vape Battery

Vape batteries are rechargeable electronic devices that power vape cartridges. The vape cartridges we sell are pre-filled with cannabis oil and have a mouthpiece that you will inhale through. You will need both the battery and cartridge to vaporize the

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How to Use a Grinder

If you’d like to use raw cannabis flower, you will need to break it down so you can load a bowl or vaporizer or roll a joint. A cannabis grinder makes it easy to break down flower for any of

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Methods of Inhalation

One of the most popular methods of consuming cannabis is through inhalation of dried flower. Inhalation is the fastest-acting method of administration and provides a significant quantity of terpenes, which are associated with unique and nuanced flavors and effects. There

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Types of Tinctures

Tinctures absorb through the tissue under your tongue, which allows them to begin taking effect more quickly than edible cannabis products. Tinctures can work well for patients who want to micro-dose or start from a small dose and build up.

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Types of Concentrates

There are several variations of concentrates which are created by various methods of extraction and refinement processes. Each type has its own unique consistency, texture, and flavor profile. Here is more information about the types of cannabis concentrates that we

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What are Landrace Cultivars?

Every day, breeders are creating new cultivars (a.k.a. “strains”) of cannabis. However, some cultivars have been around for many years. “Landrace” is the term used to describe cannabis cultivars that originated in specific regions. Most of the cannabis cultivars we

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Terpenes in Cannabis

Why is it that cannabis can sometimes smell like a garden of flowers and other times it smells like a skunk or diesel fuel? The answer is terpenes. Terpenes are naturally occurring aromatic compounds produced by plants that are responsible

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Alpha-bisabolol, also known as bisabolol, is a terpene that you will find in some strains of cannabis flower. Besides cannabis, it is found in German chamomile. Chamomile tea smells strongly of alpha-bisabolol because the flowers have high concentrations of it.

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Alpha-humulene is a terpene produced by the cannabis plant that is found in some of our flower strains. This terpene is also commonly referred to as just humulene. Another scientific name for this terpene is alpha-caryophyllene because its molecular structure

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Beta-caryophyllene, also known as caryophyllene or BCP, is a common terpene found in many strains of cannabis. It is associated with the pungent spicy aroma of freshly cracked black pepper. This terpene is unique because its large size and molecular

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