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Kief is typically made by tumbling the Cannabis plant material in a fine mesh screen in order to remove the Glandular Trichome from the plant material. If you use a Grinder to break up your Cannabis, it is likely that you have noticed the build-up of Kief over time, whether it has been collected at the bottom of the Grinder or is sticking to the teeth of the grinder where the Cannabis is being broken up. There is no solvent required when making Kief, although cold temperatures created by using Dry Ice can be helpful in this process. Kief is typically found to contain 40-50% THCA or CBDA, and can be further refined to increase the potency if desired.

Bubble Hash is made under cold temperatures created with Ice and Water in order to most efficiently remove the Glandular Trichome from the plant material. Mechanical agitation is required to make this product, which is typically done in what is referred to as a “washing machine”. The Glandular Trichomes which have been separated from the plant material is suspended in the water used in the process, which is poured through a series of small micron mesh screens in order to further refine the product and create different grades of Bubble Hash. This product can be made from Fresh and Frozen plant material, which will preserve the most Terpenes, or from dried plant material, which still contains some Terpenes. Bubble Hash can vary greatly in potency depending on its refinement but it is not uncommon to find potency of THCA in the 50-70% range by weight. While Bubble Hash can be consumed on its own, this product is more commonly mixed with Cannabis Flower to increase potency which allows for less inhalations at each time of use for the same desired symptom alleviation. This allows for patients to make their Cannabis Flower and Bubble Hash last longer, not in terms of effects, but of amounts of usage.

Rosin is made using elevated levels of pressure and some heat in order to extract a concentrated oil from the Glandular Trichome. Rosin can be made from Kief, Bubble Hash, or even Cannabis Flower, all of which produce varying consistencies and quality of Rosin. At room temperature this product is typically very easy to handle and should not be overly sticky or difficult to work with. The creation of Rosin requires no solvents, which is partly the reason it has gained significant momentum in the patient community and has become more widely available in the past couple of years. When made correctly, Rosin should still preserve a good amount of Terpenes and reflect the Cannabis strain in which it has been produced from.

In order to most efficiently use Rosin, it is advised that patients find a compatible Concentrate specific device, such as the Yocan Evolve Vape Pens offered by Prime ATC. Devices such as this will allow patients to get the most out of this product type. Depending on how the Rosin is made, it will typically contain anywhere between 60-70+% combined THCA and THC. With some heat being used in the process of making Rosin, there is typically some conversion or decarboxylation of THCA to THC.

A Vape Cartridge is one of, if not the easiest ways, to utilize a Cannabis Concentrate for inhalation purposes. The reason being the Cannabis Concentrate has been pre-filled into the Vape Cartridge, which contains a “wick” and heating element. This allows patients to simply take a draw off of the Vape Cartridge as needed, with no additional work or hassle required. For patients who have dexterity issues, neuropathy in the hands and fingers or issues with hands and fingers in general, this product type is incredibly easy to incorporate. The size of the Vape Cartirdge and the amount of seconds one takes an inhalation from the Vape Cartridge will dictate how many inhalations are available per cartridge. As an example, a 0.4 mL Vape Cartridge will produce anywhere from 75-100 individual inhalations. The range is provided because a patient would have the ability to take a one second or less inhalation, all the way up to an 8 second inhalation or until the Vape Battery times out. Shorter and smaller inhalations will yield more total inhalations per cartridge.

CO2 Extracted Concentrate has been made using high-pressured carbon dioxide as the solvent, which is safe and non-toxic. The resulting product can have various consistencies and colors depending on how it was made, but what is being offered by Prime ATC will be in more of a shatter or amber glass consistency. This should be easy to handle when kept in cold temperatures and even easy to handle if stored at room temperature. It will break into small fragments or pull and snap into smaller pieces when handled. The potency range for this product type should be 60-80% THCA, and should still retain some Terpenes from the starting plant material. Patients should opt to inhale this product with a device which is intended for Concentrates as that will result in optimal and most efficient usage. When trying a product like this for the first time, it is best to approach cautiously as very little is typically needed for the desired symptom alleviation. Start with just 1 small inhalation and please wait at least 30 minutes prior to taking a second inhalation (if necessary). The reason we want to wait 30 minutes in between inhalations when getting started is to determine whether the first inhalation was truly sufficient enough. We can always take more if needed but we can never take less.

Future of Cannabis Concentrates will continue to evolve as technology and research and development in that space continue. Expect to see products which are more flavorful in the future, and thus could contain more therapeutic potential because of the increased Terpene content. It is likely that we will see a large shift of patients who are accustomed to combustion (burning) of plant material, over to Cannabis Concentrates because of the refinement in these products and reduced amount needed for desired effects.

Both the Vape Cartridge and Inhaled Concentrates were made using Super-Critical CO2 Extraction equipment. Through this process we are able to capture the Terpenes from the specific or blends of strains extracted, which has been formulated into the Vape Cartridge for increased flavor profile and potential enhanced benefits due to the entourage effect!

The concentrated product has already been pre-filled into the Vape Cartridge for superior convenience and ease of use. There is no handling of concentrate whatsoever with this product, once attached to the Vape Battery it is ready to go! This particular device is “breath activated” which means that as soon as you take a draw from the mouthpiece, the heating element will be activated and vapor will be produced. There is no depressing of any buttons with this product. One of the biggest advantages of the Vape Cartridge option is the lack of waste associated with this product. Unlike inhalation associated with combustion (burning), there is no loss to side-stream or other aspects that often times cause more waste of what we are attempting to inhale vs. what we are able to capture.

In order to operate the Vape Cartridge, a compatible Vape Battery would be necessary to power the device. The Vape Batteries are a one time purchase and are rechargeable. We would suggest that the compatible Vape Battery offered by Prime is used because the voltage of the battery is intended for the Vape Cartridge we are offering. If the voltage of a particular battery is too strong, it can burn out the heating element or produce a bad flavor. We would be unable to offer any refunds should the incorrect battery be used.

The Inhaled Concentrate is in a hard or shatter like consistency which should be easy to handle and to break into smaller fragments for placing in your Concentrate Inhalation Device. The Inhaled Concentrate has been placed into “push-and-turn” child-resistant containers with silicone inserts, which will prevent the Inhaled Concentrate from sticking to the container.

The current recommended Concentrate Inhalation Device offered by Prime ATC is the Yocan Evolve, which retails for $25 and comes with:

  • Concentrate Device and Battery
  • USB Charger
  • Concentrate Tool
  • Replacement Heating Element (Atomizer)

We have found the functionality and price point of this particular device to be exceptional, and patients have had great success with minimal to no issues.

There are other options out there and we have referred patients to vapecritic.com for reviews, product demonstration, pricing, and more.

Best Vape Pen for Wax & Oil (Really) – The Vape Critic www.vapecritic.com

*Please note that Prime is able to purchase many of the devices reviewed, so don’t hesitate to ask if you would like us to order a specific device for you.

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