What are Vape Batteries?

Vape batteries are rechargeable electronic devices that power vape cartridges. The vape cartridges we sell are pre-filled with cannabis oil and have a mouthpiece that you will inhale through. You will need both the battery and cartridge to vaporize the cannabis oil. The combination of the vape battery and cartridge is commonly referred to as a vape pen because they are the same size and shape as a pen. There are several different types of vapes that can be used to vaporize cannabis, but the vape battery and cartridge is the easiest.

vape cartridge

All of the cartridges we have available are pre-filled with 0.5 grams of cannabis oil and are either full-spectrum or distillate. Full spectrum oil comes directly from one strain of cannabis and the distillate oil is oil distilled from a blend of strains that has specific terpenes added for flavor. Our cartridges contain cannabis oil that is lab-tested and free of heavy metals and contaminants. The packaging for the vape cartridge includes plastic caps on the base and tip that will need to be removed before use.

The vape cartridges we sell have a 5/10 thread that twists onto the battery. We recommend you use a Prime ATC approved battery because if anything breaks, we may be able to replace it. We have a couple different options for vape batteries available in our dispensaries. The iKrusher battery is our most popular because they are inexpensive and have a simple design. Below are more details about how to use the iKrusher battery.

How to Use the iKrusher Battery


Set Up

When you purchase the iKrusher, it will be about 30% charged, so you can start using it immediately. Before powering on your vape battery, screw the vape cartridge onto the battery. Make sure you do not overtighten. You want to leave a small gap between the cartridge and the battery to allow air to flow in.

Powering On

To power on the battery, click the battery button five times within 3 seconds.

To use the battery, press the button when you inhale. The button will glow either red, green or blue to denote proper function.

Temperature Setting

There are three different settings: RED, BLUE, GREEN. Click the button three times in 1 second to change the voltage setting.

RED = 4.3 VOLTS (may be used when your cartridge is nearly empty)
BLUE = 3.4 VOLTS (good for everyday use)
GREEN = 2.7 VOLTS (use for smaller, cooler hits)

Pre-Heat Function

Your battery comes with a pre-heat function that warms the vape cartridge up before use. To activate, click the button two times quickly. The button will glow all colors for 15 seconds, then turn off.

Powering Off

To power off your battery – click the battery button five times within 3 seconds. After you do this, the light will blink to confirm. Your battery is now off.

Charging Instructions

Each vape battery lasts for approximately 300 re-charges. Charge battery for no longer than 1 hour. Each full charge lasts about 250 puffs (estimated). Unscrew your vape cartridge from the battery and set aside, do not charge battery with cartridge still attached. Using a micro USB charging cord, plug your battery in at the bottom and plug the USB end into a computer port. There is a small light underneath the micro USB port on the battery that will be red when charging and green when fully charged

Updated October 20, 2022

How to Use a Vape Battery

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