What Are Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are highly concentrated oils extracted from the raw cannabis plant. These oils contain a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, the compounds responsible for the effects and aroma of cannabis. There are several variations of concentrates which are created by various methods of extraction and refinement processes. Each type has its own unique consistency, texture, and flavor profile. There are several different ways to consume cannabis concentrates, and the preferred method will depend on the type of concentrate.  

Methods of Consumption

A popular way to consume concentrates is through vaporization, which is commonly referred to as “dabbing.” Concentrates that can be vaporized are sometimes referred to as honey, wax, oils, or dabs.  Vape cartridges are also a type of concentrate and are one of the easiest ways to vaporize concentrated oil. Some concentrates can be mixed with flower and inhaled through smoking. The decarboxylated oral syringe is a wonderful way to create homemade edibles and is not designed for inhalation. We have listed a few different methods for consuming concentrates, but there are others as well.

Potential Therapeutic Benefits

  • Allows patients to inhale a large dose of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Fast-acting
  • Good for patients with a high THC tolerance
  • May provide relief for patients with severe conditions
  • Option if other methods of consumption are not providing relief


Vaporizing cannabis concentrates provides a potent dose very quickly. If you decide to try vaporizing concentrates, we suggest starting with a low dose and increasing slowly.

Equipment for Concentrate Inhalation

Silver iKrusher vape battery

Vape Cartridge and Battery

Vapes are an easy and discreet way to use concentrates and can be a great method for patients looking for fast acting relief. We sell pre-filled 0.5g vape cartridges that attach to a rechargeable battery.

Electronic Vaporizer

Portable, electronic vaporizers are an easy, discreet, and efficient method to consume concentrates. There are several different brands and variations of vaporizers currently available for use. Generally speaking, one would place a portion of concentrate into the heating chamber, press a button to activate the heating element inside the vaporizer, and then slowly inhale through the device’s mouthpiece. The easiest forms of concentrates to use with electronic vaporizers include diamonds, shatters, and isolates.

 Vapor Straw

Vapor straws are typically made entirely of quartz glass tubes. One end is heated with a torch and then used for the act of vaporizing the concentrate. The other end remains cool to the touch and is for placing to ones lips and inhaling the vapor. Some variations may have a wooden or silicone mouthpiece with a glass or titanium tip. Nectar Collectors are vape straws that have electronic tips that heat themselves. Several of our concentrates have containers that lend themselves to the easy use of these types of devices.

Glass Rig

Glass rigs are very similar to water pipes, but instead of a slide and bowl for flower, it has a similar piece referred to as a banger (or nail) for concentrates. For most of these devices, the banger is titanium or quartz glass. There are different ways to heat the banger, but the most commonly used method is with a culinary butane torch. Once the banger reaches the desired temperature, you can add concentrate with the use of a dab tool, and it will instantly vaporize for inhalation. There are also electronic rigs or “e-nails”,  which remove the need for a torch.

How to Use Concentrates

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