Welcome to Prime Alternative Treatment Centers of New Hampshire! We serve all patients registered with the New Hampshire Therapeutic Cannabis Program. For new patients, we are pleased to offer a $50 store credit on your first Prime purchase, and 10% off your second purchase.

What You Need for Your First Visit

For your initial visit, please bring the following:

  • NH Therapeutic Cannabis Card
  • Government Issued Photo ID
  • Payment (cash, debit, or CanPay)

A short intake packet is required before you begin purchasing with us. You may fill out this paperwork before your first visit, or you can complete it in the lobby areas before purchasing. You can find the intake paperwork here.

When you arrive at the Chichester dispensary: There is a white doorbell to the left as you approach the double doors. Please ring the bell and hold your cards up to the glass door. The door will open automatically to let you in.

When you arrive at the Merrimack dispensary: There will be a callbox just to the left of the door to Unit A which has a “doorbell” and camera. Please press the button to ring the doorbell and hold your NH Cannabis Registry Card up to the camera. We will unlock the door so you can open it.

A guest may come with you to your first visit only.  Please let us know in advance to accommodate you accordingly. Your guest will need a government issued picture ID to come into the facility.  If you need assistance with purchasing regularly or need someone else to pick up your cannabis products without you at the facility, you will need to designate a caregiver through the State of NH and have that person register with the Therapeutic Cannabis Program. To make it easier for our patients, we offer curbside pickup—available at our Merrimack location—or the drive-thru—available at our Chichester location—by placing a pre-order online or by calling either location.

Children are not allowed in the facility under any circumstances due to state regulations. There are absolutely no exceptions. If you need to make a purchase and have no choice but to bring a child with you, please consider using our curbside pickup option at the Merrimack dispensary, or the drive-thru at the Chichester dispensary.


We offer free, one-on-one sessions with our patient educators if you would like to learn more about therapeutic cannabis and the specific products we offer at Prime. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call. We can take walk-ins if one of our patient educators is available.

We also offer educational classes and support groups on an ongoing basis.

In addition, we also have educational materials available online. Follow these links to find more resources:

Patient Education

Patient Information


To view our current product offerings, visit our menus here!

Your First Visit to Prime ATC

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