Great news: we are announcing another inflation-busting price cut for all vape cartridges, effective immediately! Prime was already offering the lowest vape prices of any ATC in New Hampshire, but we wanted to do even better, so we are slashing our price for all vapes from $48 to $40!

All vapes now $40 each

We greatly appreciate our production staff who have worked hard to make this reduction in vape prices possible. This price cut is only our most recent effort to reduce costs for patients, and it will not be the last. We will continue to evaluate our pricing on an ongoing basis and seek additional opportunities to improve the affordability of our products.

As we strive to make therapeutic cannabis more affordable for patients, we will also be sure to maintain the same standard of quality you have come to expect from Prime. We are always working to maximize the quality of our products while also striving to become more efficient and save you money. If you’d like to check out our current product selection and prices, visit our menu.

The new price will apply to all Prime vape cartridges. You can learn more about the different varieties we offer, including Distillate Vapes, Full Spectrum Vapes, and Live Terpene Distillate Vapes, by visiting this page.

We greatly appreciate your support as we continue to improve our product selection, our services, and our prices. Thank you for choosing Prime ATC!

Slashing Vape Prices!

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