Patients who visit Prime’s Merrimack dispensary will instantly recognize LaToya Olson. She joined our staff in 2017 and has been an assistant manager for more than two years. We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm LaToya brings to her work and her passion for assisting patients!

LaToya first visited Prime as a patient in 2016, the first year New Hampshire’s therapeutic cannabis program was operational. Cannabis helped LaToya recover from stage 4 colorectal cancer, and she is eager to help other patients benefit from therapeutic cannabis to the greatest extent possible.

When LaToya isn’t working at the dispensary, you might find her dancing, playing poker, or spending time with friends and family. She is also working toward her bachelor’s degree at SNHU and dreams of pursuing a career in Dance/Movement Therapy.

LaToya says she finds Prime’s coconut oil salves helpful in relieving pain. She also enjoys the chocolate squares, and she is a big fan of Prime’s infused local honey products.

Thanks for all your years of hard work and service to patients, LaToya!

staff spotlight graphic featuring a photo of LaToya Olson
Staff Spotlight: LaToya Olson

3 thoughts on “Staff Spotlight: LaToya Olson

  1. I am Very Proud of LaToya, my beautiful granddaughter.
    She represents what my family is all about.
    We love to serve the people.
    As her grandfather I been involved serving the people for the last 50, years qith my organization.
    Love you much Pop Pop

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