Meet the Winner!

At our Cannaversary event, we asked patients to vote on which new strain (a.k.a. “cultivar”) we should grow next. The winner was a sativa called “El’s Army,” and we are pleased to report that it is making good progress!

photo of voting at Cannaversary
After tallying the votes, we declared “El’s Army” the winner and planted these four seeds.

El’s Army, bred by Dynasty Genetics/Professor P, is a cross of two highly regarded sativas: Moose and Lobsta x Super Silver Haze.

Moose and Lobsta has emerged as a popular sativa-dominant hybrid in New England. It is known for its fruity, skunky smell and overtones of diesel fuel. Super Silver Haze is an award-winning sativa prized for its energizing, uplifting effects. We can never be sure what to expect when we plant a new cultivar, but we are optimistic that El’s Army will be a great addition to our menus!

Like proud parents, our growers have been taking photos of El’s Army at every stage of its development. We look forward to showing you each step in the process as El’s Army grows. Here’s an adorable shot of one of our tiny sprouts wearing the shell of its seed like a hat:

photo of sprout wearing seed shell like a hat
This little “soldier” seems excited to join El’s Army!

The four seeds we planted quickly developed into four happy-looking seedlings. We fed them a steady diet of water, light, and nutrients and continued taking photos.

photo of 4 seedlings
El’s Army seedlings, reaching for the sky

In the third week, we potted each seedling in its own bucket labeled with the date and a barcode. This label is required by N.H. law, and it will allow us to track each plant from seedling to sale.

photo of 4 larger seedlings
Now that these seedlings have been potted, the ceiling is the limit!

So What’s Next for the Winner?

We planted these seeds on August 24 and potted them on September 9, but that was only the beginning of a long process. If all goes well, we expect these plants will be ready to harvest by late January. After harvest, they will need to be shucked, cured, trimmed, and submitted for independent lab testing before the flower can be packaged and sent to the dispensaries. In other words, El’s Army won’t be built in a day!

Ultimately, many cultivars show promise but only a few will exceed expectations. Even within the same cultivar, we can expect that each female plant may develop its own unique flavors, aromas, effects, and appearance. And since much can go wrong during the growing process, this makes it even more satisfying when things go exactly right.

We are excited to share the progress of this promising new cultivar, and we look forward to providing future updates!

Backpacks for Students!

Thanks to your generous donations of school supplies, we were able to fill all 120 backpacks for students in need!

These handsome backpacks will be available at our Outreach table during our Cannaversary event on Saturday, August 20. If you know a student who could benefit from receiving a new backpack and school supplies, please stop by and we will be happy to provide, no questions asked.

photo of backpacks and school supplies

As always, we greatly appreciate your support for Prime’s Community Outreach Program!

Cannaversary Sales and Giveaways!

We are pleased to announce our upcoming Cannaversary sales! These discounts will be available on Saturday, August 20 in Chichester only (our Merrimack location will be closed). The sales will continue at both locations on Monday, August 22, while supplies last!

All items in the following categories will be 20% off: accessories, chocolates, concentrates, drink mixes, fruit chews, lozenges, topicals, turbinado sugar, and vape cartridges.

All of these products will be 10% off: capsules, honey, pre-rolls, syringes, and tinctures.

Also 10% off: select strains of flower (Apex, Bluntz, Orange Kush Cake, Panama Red, and Temple of the Dawg).

sale flyer, text same as blog

Seniors, military veterans, and patients enrolled in the Compassionate Care Program will receive an additional 10% discount. Sale may not be combined with other discounts or loyalty points redemptions. No rainchecks. Orders must be picked up by end of sale to receive discounts.

Raffles and Scratch-off Cards

In addition to these sales, we will be giving away thousands of dollars worth of prizes to patients at our Cannaversary event! The first 500 patients who make purchases will receive scratch-off tickets with their orders, with an opportunity to win one of many great prizes. Patients will also be entered into a raffle with each purchase, and drawings will be held at the top of each hour throughout the day (winners will be notified by phone). Prizes will include two Puffco Peak Pros, one for a lucky raffle winner and one for the lucky holder of a scratch-off card!

Live Music at Cannaversary!

We had a lot of fun with the dunk tank at last year’s Cannaversary, but this year we will have live music instead! We look forward to introducing a new acoustic performer at the beginning of each hour. The event is scheduled for 10am to 3pm on Saturday, August, 20, in the large parking lot at Prime ATC’s Chichester location (349 Dover Road). Here are the artists who will be performing for us:

  • 10am: Lucas Gallo
  • 11am: Kate West
  • Noon: Lauren Hurley
  • 1pm: Tyler Levs
  • 2pm: Andy Laliotis Acoustic Trio

All are welcome to join us for this outdoor educational event! It’s a great opportunity to learn about therapeutic cannabis in New Hampshire. Prime’s staff will be available throughout the event to answer questions.

Please note that only registered N.H. patients and caregivers may enter the dispensary, and on-site consumption of cannabis is prohibited.

Our Merrimack dispensary will be closed all day on Saturday so our staff and patients can attend this event. There is a Facebook event page here if you’d like to RSVP and invite friends. We hope you can make it and look forward to seeing you in Chichester on Saturday, August 20!

flyer, same text as blog post

Donate School Supplies in July!

It may be too early to start thinking about school, but it’s never too early to ensure that children have the tools they need to succeed. For our July community outreach project, we are collecting school supplies that we will distribute to parents and guardians during our “Cannaversary” event in August.

Prime has purchased 120 backpacks, and our goal is to fill at least 100 of these with donated school supplies. Please help us exceed our goal and fill all 120 backpacks!

Every patient who donates 5 new school supplies in July will be entered into a raffle. Three lucky winners will chosen and rewarded with store credit: $250 for first place, $150 for second, and $100 for third.

The Merrimack and Chichester dispensaries will hold separate drawings at the beginning of August to select winners. Entries are unlimited. Winners will be notified by phone.

Thanks – we greatly appreciate your support for our community outreach program!

graphic with details on July community outreach

Celebrating 5 Prime Years!

The weather was perfect for our 5-Year Cannaversary celebration on Saturday, and the event was a huge success. The weekend got off to an excellent start when the Concord Monitor published this article featuring our Cannaversary.

As a result of the article, we received a number of visitors throughout the day who were curious to learn more about Prime and the therapeutic cannabis program. This was a great educational experience for patients and members of the public, and it was also a lot of fun!

Keenan Blum, CEO of Prime ATC, seemed to enjoy his turn in the Easy Dunker. Patients and staff members certainly enjoyed dunking him!

Prime Pups!

Our four-legged friends from Aim High Canines showed up and entertained us with some awesome aerial tricks. Thanks, pups, for helping to make our Cannaversary celebration such a soaring success!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a very talented dog leaping to catch a frisbee at Prime’s Cannaversary celebration!

Thanks to Chichester Fire and Rescue

It was great to have our friends at Chichester Fire and Rescue present at the event. We demonstrated our support by raising money from the dunk tank promotion and $1 for each sale of our new trail mix, totaling $140 in donations. Thank you, Chichester Fire and Rescue!

Closed Monday for Labor Day

Please note that both of Prime’s dispensaries will be closed on Monday, September 6, in observance of Labor Day. We will reopen in both Merrimack and Chichester at 10am on Tuesday, September 7.

If you’d like to place an order to pick up before we close for the holiday, visit our menu!

These Raffle Prizes Will Be a Big Star (Mints)

Do these Star Mints pre-rolls appear normal to you?

Well, we can assure you that they are not normal. In fact, they are quite large: 5 grams per pre-roll! Here you can see what one looks like next to one of our .7g pre-rolls:

We are pleased to announce that we will have 30 of these 5g pre-rolls behind the counter in Chichester on Saturday, and they will be our primary raffle prizes for the Cannaversary celebration! Beginning at 11am, at the top of every hour until 4pm, we will enter all patients and caregivers who have made purchases in the previous hour into a raffle. Five ticket numbers will be randomly selected each hour, and the five individuals who made those purchases will each win a 5g pre-roll!

Note: If you can’t imagine smoking an entire 5g pre-roll, you’re not alone! We rolled these up for fun, but patients might certainly prefer to remove the cannabis and consume it in other ways. We would also like to stress the fact that cannabis consumption is prohibited at the Cannaversary event due to state laws and regulations.

Separately, we will be raffling off other items throughout the day, including grinders and other accessories.

Hold on to Your Purchase Receipt for a Chance to Win!

When you make a purchase on Saturday, please hold on to your purchase receipt and stick around the Cannaversary event until the top of the next hour. We will call out five receipt numbers at that time, and the individuals holding the receipts that bear those numbers may then re-enter the dispensary to present their winning receipt and be dispensed a 5g pre-roll.

The pool of possible winners will be cleared and reset at the top of each hour.

Raffle Rules:

  • You must present your winning receipt in person inside the Chichester dispensary on Saturday, August 28, in order to receive your prize.
  • If your number is selected, but accepting the 5g pre-roll prize would cause you to exceed their two-ounce allotment in a 10-day period, let us know and we will hold the prize for you for up to two weeks until you are eligible to receive it.
  • Five winning receipt numbers will be announced at each of the following times: 11am, Noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm.
  • Each patient and caregiver is only eligible to win one 5g pre-roll. Subsequent purchases by individuals who have already won will not be eligible for additional raffle prizes.
  • You may enter the raffle more than once if you make an additional purchase during a subsequent hour. 
  • Prime ATC staff are not eligible for prizes.

Cannaversary Sale, Celebration!

We are celebrating Prime’s 5-year Cannaversary this weekend, and we are commemorating the occasion with a special Cannaversary Sale from Thursday through Saturday! Here are the details:

Celebrate Cannaversary with Prime on Saturday, August 28!

We are also very excited to be hosting a celebration at our Chichester location (349 Dover Road) on Saturday, August 28. If you haven’t been to this new dispensary yet, we’d love for you to see it! The renovation project was recently featured in the Boston Real Estate Times, and we have received many compliments on the space.

The event itself will take place outside the dispensary between 10am and 5pm. Masks will not be required, but respectful social distancing will be encouraged due to ongoing concerns about the spread of COVID-19. Please note that our Merrimack location will be closed all day on Saturday so our staff will be available to attend the celebration.

Saturday will be a great opportunity for patients to meet and speak with members of our staff, including our hardworking production team. It will also be fun! There will be raffles and giveaways throughout the day, and we’ll also have a dunk tank, a caricature artist, pizza, cake, and music by D.J. Al Weather.

Prime ATC has come a long way in the last five years, and we’re very excited about the direction we are going. None of our progress would be possible without your support, so we hope you enjoy the Cannaversary Sale and we look forward to seeing patients and caregivers at the event on Saturday!

Prime’s 5-Year Cannaversary Will Take Place Aug. 28!

Mark your calendars for Prime ATC’s 5-Year Cannaversary! Please note that our Merrimack location will be CLOSED on Saturday, August 28, so our staff and patients will be able to attend the Cannaversary celebration in Chichester.

We look forward to sharing more details in the coming weeks!