New CBG Flower!

Patients have requested a flower option that is rich in CBG (cannabigerol), and our growers were more than happy to provide. Our new CBG flower is now available for purchase at both dispensaries, and it is called White CBG!

White CBG flower, pre-harvest photo
White CBG flower, pre-harvest

Not to be confused with CBD (cannabidiol), CBG is another non-intoxicating cannabinoid that has been gaining popularity due to its potential therapeutic effects. This cannabinoid is often referred to as the “Mother of Cannabinoids” because CBD, THC and CBC are derived from CBGA, the acid form of CBG.

Patients have reported that CBG can help with anxiety, pain, insomnia, and other conditions. You can read more about it here on our CBG page!

The current batch of White CBG tested at over 11% CBGA (which converts into CBG when heated), and it does not contain any THC at all. You may find White CBG flower to be beneficial either by itself or in combination with another strain. Feel free to experiment and find out what approach is most effective for you. We look forward to hearing your feedback and learning more about how patients respond to this new CBG flower!

Additionally, as we promised last week, two CBD-rich flowers have also been added to our menu: Sour Electra and Super Sour Space Candy. As with White CBG, you can try these CBD-rich strains by themselves or blend them with other flowers in order to achieve the desired ratio of cannabinoids.

These new strains have been added to our introductory tier and are priced at $45 for 3.5g. Sour Electra and Super Sour Space Candy are also available in pre-rolls. Visit our menu today if you’d like to place an order!

Prime CBD!

Great news, patients! Our shelves are now fully stocked with Prime CBD products, including a new product that many of you have requested: CBD fruit chews. These raspberry-flavored fruit chews are already proving to be a hit with patients. Each fruit chew contains 5mg of CBD and very small amounts of other cannabinoids (including .2mg of delta-9 THC).

We also have Raspberry CBD/THC fruit chews, which are a great option for patients who find CBD beneficial in a 1:1 ratio with THC. Each of these fruit chews contains 2.5mg of CBD and 2.5mg of delta-9 THC.

But that’s not all. Our CBD and CBD/THC tinctures and capsules are now fully stocked as well!

Our production staff in Peterborough has been working hard to ensure that these CBD products will be available on an ongoing basis. After many trials, we have identified CBD-rich cultivars (a.k.a. “strains”) that produce well in our facility. In particular, Super Sour Space Candy and Sour Electra are two CBD-rich cultivars that have flourished under our lights. The CBD-rich oil extracted from these plants is responsible for many of the Prime CBD products you will see on our menus today.

For patients who prefer CBD-rich flower, you can expect to see Super Sour Space Candy and Sour Electra flower appear on our menu soon! We hope you enjoy these CBD flowers and products, and we look forward to hearing your feedback. Please feel free to email us at and let us know what you think.

We look forward to serving you again at the next opportunity! Thank you, as always, for choosing Prime ATC.

Super Sour Space Candy flower, pre-harvest (flower is used in Prime CBD products)
Super Sour Space Candy
Sour Electra, pre-harvest (flower is used in Prime CBD products)
Sour Electra