Prime Holiday Schedule

At Prime ATC, we understand that patients rely on us to provide therapeutic cannabis products on a consistent basis. We also understand that our hardworking staff members need a break during the holidays. Balancing these considerations can be a challenge, but we are confident that our 2021 holiday schedule will accommodate the needs of our patients as well as our staff.

Here is the schedule we are planning to follow for the Christmas/New Year’s holiday season:

  • Christmas Eve (Friday, December 24)
    • Dispensaries close at 3pm
  • Christmas Day (Saturday, December 25)
    • Dispensaries closed all day
  • Monday, December 27
    • Dispensaries closed all day
  • New Year’s Eve (Friday, December 31)
    • Dispensaries close at 5pm
  • New Year’s Day (Saturday, January 1)
    • Dispensaries closed all day
  • Monday, January 3
    • Dispensaries closed all day

Please be sure to plan ahead so these holiday closings will not disrupt your supply of therapeutic cannabis. You can place online orders here at our menu. We look forward to serving you this holiday season!

photo of Prime ATC sign outside Chichester dispensary