Meet the Winner!

At our Cannaversary event, we asked patients to vote on which new strain (a.k.a. “cultivar”) we should grow next. The winner was a sativa called “El’s Army,” and we are pleased to report that it is making good progress!

photo of voting at Cannaversary
After tallying the votes, we declared “El’s Army” the winner and planted these four seeds.

El’s Army, bred by Dynasty Genetics/Professor P, is a cross of two highly regarded sativas: Moose and Lobsta x Super Silver Haze.

Moose and Lobsta has emerged as a popular sativa-dominant hybrid in New England. It is known for its fruity, skunky smell and overtones of diesel fuel. Super Silver Haze is an award-winning sativa prized for its energizing, uplifting effects. We can never be sure what to expect when we plant a new cultivar, but we are optimistic that El’s Army will be a great addition to our menus!

Like proud parents, our growers have been taking photos of El’s Army at every stage of its development. We look forward to showing you each step in the process as El’s Army grows. Here’s an adorable shot of one of our tiny sprouts wearing the shell of its seed like a hat:

photo of sprout wearing seed shell like a hat
This little “soldier” seems excited to join El’s Army!

The four seeds we planted quickly developed into four happy-looking seedlings. We fed them a steady diet of water, light, and nutrients and continued taking photos.

photo of 4 seedlings
El’s Army seedlings, reaching for the sky

In the third week, we potted each seedling in its own bucket labeled with the date and a barcode. This label is required by N.H. law, and it will allow us to track each plant from seedling to sale.

photo of 4 larger seedlings
Now that these seedlings have been potted, the ceiling is the limit!

So What’s Next for the Winner?

We planted these seeds on August 24 and potted them on September 9, but that was only the beginning of a long process. If all goes well, we expect these plants will be ready to harvest by late January. After harvest, they will need to be shucked, cured, trimmed, and submitted for independent lab testing before the flower can be packaged and sent to the dispensaries. In other words, El’s Army won’t be built in a day!

Ultimately, many cultivars show promise but only a few will exceed expectations. Even within the same cultivar, we can expect that each female plant may develop its own unique flavors, aromas, effects, and appearance. And since much can go wrong during the growing process, this makes it even more satisfying when things go exactly right.

We are excited to share the progress of this promising new cultivar, and we look forward to providing future updates!