Staff Spotlight: Alicia Bennett

Many Prime patients already know that Alicia Bennett is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful staff members you could ever hope to meet at any dispensary. She has been consulting with patients and helping them get the most out of their experience with therapeutic cannabis since she joined our team in 2019. In recognition of her efforts, Prime recently promoted Alicia to a new position: Education Supervisor!

Alicia’s own journey with therapeutic cannabis began when she was a college student battling sarcoma, a rare and very aggressive form of cancer. The New Boston native tried cannabis while undergoing chemotherapy and recovering from surgery, and she found it very helpful in treating her pain, nausea, and anxiety. As an amputee, she has continued to find cannabis beneficial in minimizing her phantom sensations. In 2017, her remarkable story was featured in Teen Vogue magazine.

As a result of her experiences, Alicia developed a passion for learning about cannabis and sharing her knowledge. In addition to her work with patients at Prime, she recently traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to speak at CancerCon 2022.

When Alicia isn’t at the dispensary speaking with patients or updating our educational handouts, you might find her gardening, playing in a swamp, or reading yet another article about therapeutic applications of cannabis.

If you have questions about therapeutic cannabis, Alicia would be a great person to ask! You can reach her by calling the Chichester dispensary at 603-212-1500. We also encourage you to check out the documents on our “patient education” page to learn more about the science behind therapeutic cannabis.

Thanks for sharing your story, Alicia!

Meet Our Cultivation Manager on 4/20!

What day could be better than 4/20 for learning about cannabis cultivation? We are pleased to announce that our cultivation manager, Antonio Garcia, will be available to speak with patients and caregivers at the Chichester dispensary between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 20.

If you’re curious to learn more about Prime’s cultivation methods, this is a great opportunity to meet the man in charge!

Antonio has been a member of our cultivation team for more than five years, and he would be happy to tell you anything you might like to know about our cannabis plants. He will also have a table set up with some photos and information about the cultivation process.

photo of Antonio Garcia standing in front of LA Kush Cake plants
Prime’s cultivation manager, Antonio Garcia, smiles for a photo in front of some LA Kush Cake plants.

We hope lots of patients will take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about cannabis cultivation on 4/20!

Let’s Talk about Terpenes!

Terpenes are aromatic compounds in cannabis that contribute to its aroma and effects. They are found in all plants, and some of the terpenes found in cannabis are also found in fruits, flowers, herbs, and spices. Terpenes in cannabis vary depending on the strain, and the combination of terpenes contributes to the different smells and effects associated with each strain.

If you’d like to learn more about these interesting aromatic compounds, come join us next week at our Terpene Table! Our Education Supervisor, Alicia Bennett, will have a table set up on Monday, April 18 in Merrimack and Tuesday, April 19 in Chichester. This is a great educational opportunity, and it will also be fun!

After learning more about terpenes, you’ll have a chance to win prizes by playing “Guess the Terpene.” We will have unmarked samples so you can test your nose by trying to guess which terpene it is. If you successfully identify the correct terpene, you can spin a wheel to win a prize!

Terpene Table announcement graphic. Learn more about Terpenes by visiting Prime's Merrimack location on April 18 or Prime's Chichester location on April 19.

We have added a terpene quick guide on the back of the strain guide, and we expect this will be helpful for patients. We will also have new educational handouts available at the Terpene Table with more information about individual terpenes. Alicia will be there throughout the day to talk about terpenes and to answer questions about cannabis and our products.

We hope to see you at our Terpene Table in Merrimack on April 18 or in Chichester on April 19!