Food Drive Success!

Patients and caregivers, thank you so much for making our food drive such a huge success. Earlier this week, Prime ATC staff delivered a large load of food items to N.H. Food Bank. After weighing everything, the Food Bank’s staff told us the total weight of our contribution was 1,169 pounds, which will produce approximately 972 meals for families in need!

Prime ATC staff unloading donated food at N.H. Food Bank Photo by N.H. Food Bank

Congratulations to the raffle winners! If you won, you have already been notified. But the raffle was only to provide some incentive. What really matters is the impact we were able to make with this successful food drive. When patients, caregivers, and dispensaries work together to make a positive impact in our communities, everybody wins!

photo of Prime ATC staff posing in front of food drive items: Stephen Bell, Matt Simon, David Patton, Tanya Patton
From left to right: Prime ATC’s Stephen Bell, Matt Simon, David Patton, and Tanya Patton Photo by N.H. Food Bank

Many thanks to N.H. Food Bank for the photos and friendly conversation, and for everything they do to help fight food insecurity! Also, special thanks to Prime ATC’s Tanya and David Patton for leading this effort. Now that the food drive has concluded, we strongly encourage patients and caregivers to participate in our holiday toy drive!

Help Eliminate Food Insecurity!

We are very pleased to report that our September/October promotions raised $2,423 to benefit Concord Coalition to End Homelessness. Patients, we can’t thank you enough for supporting this worthy cause with your purchases of chocolates and trail mix!

In the month of November, we are turning our attention to another serious problem: food insecurity. Sadly, many individuals and families across New Hampshire will experience hunger this winter. We want to do our part, so from November 1 to 19, we will be conducting a food drive to benefit N.H. Food Bank. Please help eliminate food insecurity by donating non-perishable food items the next time you visit Prime!

If you are able to participate, please bring any items you’d like to donate the next time you visit our dispensary in either Merrimack or Chichester. If you donate five or more items, you will be entered into a raffle! Raffles will be held at both locations. Feel free to enter as many times as you’d like (one entry for each 5 items donated).

Raffle prizes (at each location):

1st prize = $250 store credit

2nd prize = $100 store credit

3rd and 4th prizes = a 5g Star Mints pre-roll

graphic version of announcement that Prime is collecting donations for New Hampshire Food Bank to help eliminate food insecurity

If you’d like to place an order before you head to the dispensary with food items to donate, click here to visit our menu!