Holiday Toy Drive Success!

Thanks to all who helped to make our second annual holiday toy drive a huge success! On Monday, Prime ATC’s David and Tanya Patton delivered a truckload of toys to Chaos and Kindness, which will distribute the toys to children in need. These donations are sure to put smiles on many children’s faces this holiday season!

photo featuring a large number of toys that were donated as part of our holiday toy drive, including bicycles, games, and stuffed animals
Prime ATC’s David and Tanya Patton pose for a photo with Jimmy Luv from Chaos and Kindness. These toys were all donated by patients and caregivers!

We also collected $61 in cash donations and delivered the cash to Chaos and Kindness. They were very thankful and told us our contributions will make a big difference in the lives of many children who might otherwise not receive a toy for the holidays.

To show our appreciation for those who donated, we held a raffle at each dispensary location. The winners have already been selected and notified. Congratulations to the winners!

Of course, the real winners are the children who will be receiving these toys. Thanks again to all who donated, and happy holidays from all our staff at Prime ATC!

greeting card image of LA Kush Cake plant modified to look like a Christmas tree. Text reads happy holidays from Prime Alternative Treatment Centers
This “tree” is actually a LA Kush Cake plant. Happy holidays!

December Sale Begins!

At Prime ATC, we understand that 2021 has been a difficult year for many patients and their families. We want to help end the year on a positive note by offering a great December sale to make therapeutic cannabis products more affordable during the holidays. So here are the details:

Flower: Cake Face flower is 20% off from now until the end of the year.

Edibles: Autumn spice fruit chews and trail mix are 20% off from now until December 24.

Concentrates: Budder, diamonds, rosin, and shatter are 20% off from now until December 24.

Pre-rolls: From December 22 to December 31, we will be running a sale on .7g pre-rolls. Six strains will be available for $1.50 off (singles) or $12 off (multi-packs). See below for the list of options that will be available.

December sales flyer with details. Pre-roll strains are Cake Face, G4 x Astrodawg, Lemon Grab, Lilac Sour Diesel x GMO Cookie, Panama x Colombian Gold, and Planet of the Grapes

These December sale items will only be available while supplies last. Visit our menu now if you’d like to place an order!

Compassionate Care patients will receive 30% off on-sale concentrates, edibles, and flower, and an additional 10% off on-sale pre-rolls. Please note that this sale may not be combined with other discounts or loyalty points redemptions.

Toy Drive Reminder!

This is the final week of our holiday toy drive. Thanks to all who have donated so far! If you have not donated yet, all you have to do is bring an unwrapped toy to either of our dispensary locations by Saturday, December 18.

As an added incentive, for every unwrapped toy donated between November 22 and December 18, you will receive one entry into a raffle. We will hold separate raffles at each dispensary location. First prize will be a $250 Prime store credit, second prize will be a $100 Prime store credit, and third and fourth prizes will be a 5g (very large) Star Mints pre-roll.

Photo of holiday drive boxes on display at our dispensary in Chichester
Toy Drive boxes on display at our Chichester dispensary
Holiday Hours!

As a reminder, here is the schedule we are planning to follow for the Christmas/New Year’s holiday season:

  • Christmas Eve (Friday, December 24)
    • Dispensaries close at 3pm
  • Christmas Day (Saturday, December 25)
    • Dispensaries closed all day
  • Monday, December 27
    • Dispensaries closed all day
  • New Year’s Eve (Friday, December 31)
    • Dispensaries close at 5pm
  • New Year’s Day (Saturday, January 1)
    • Dispensaries closed all day
  • Monday, January 3
    • Dispensaries closed all day

Please be sure to plan ahead so these holiday closings will not disrupt your supply of therapeutic cannabis. You can place online orders here at our menu. We look forward to serving you this holiday season!

Holiday Boxes Are Here!

Prime’s holiday boxes were a big hit last year, so we are very excited to announce three new holiday boxes for 2021! These new items have already been added to our menus, and they are available at both dispensary locations while supplies last.

Canna Bomb Box ($15)

Patients, if you enjoy hot chocolate, you might really appreciate one of our new canna bombs as a holiday treat.

photo of chocolate canna bomb
Our canna bombs are much more beautiful than regular bombs!

Just drop the “bomb” into a mug of steaming hot water or milk, give it a stir, and watch as it transforms into a delicious beverage. Each canna bomb contains 50mg of THC, so this might be a good product to share with another patient on a cold winter day!

photo of holiday box with canna bomb package
Prime’s Canna Bomb Box ($15)

The canna bomb consists of Prime’s THC-infused hot cocoa mix enclosed in a beautiful chocolate shell. If you saw this photo of Chantal Roy in our recent “staff spotlight” blog and wondered what she was creating, those were the shells for the canna bombs!

Chantal Roy creates canna bomb shells by pouring excess chocolate out of a molded tray
Prime’s resident chocolate expert Chantal Roy demonstrates the process of making shells for canna bombs.
Baked Box ($30)

Our “Baked Box” contains three varieties of delicious baked goods:

  • One Brownie (50mg THC)
  • One Chocolate Chip Cookie (20mg THC)
  • Three Ginger Snaps (10mg THC each)

Ugly Sweater Box ($30)

Our final box may not be fashionable, but the products it contains are delicious! The Ugly Sweater Box includes the following items:

  • One Dark Mint Chocolate Square (Nighttime, 20mg THC) (new recipe)
  • One White Chocolate Peppermint Square (Daytime, 20mg THC)
  • Four Milk Chocolate Bon Bons (Daytime, 5mg THC each)
  • Four Blueberry Fruit Chews (5mg THC each) (new recipe – made with real fruit!)
  • Four Lemon Fruit Chews (5mg THC each) (new recipe – made with real fruit!)

Patients, we hope you enjoy the new holiday boxes!