Staff Spotlight: Alicia Bennett

Many Prime patients already know that Alicia Bennett is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful staff members you could ever hope to meet at any dispensary. She has been consulting with patients and helping them get the most out of their experience with therapeutic cannabis since she joined our team in 2019. In recognition of her efforts, Prime recently promoted Alicia to a new position: Education Supervisor!

Alicia’s own journey with therapeutic cannabis began when she was a college student battling sarcoma, a rare and very aggressive form of cancer. The New Boston native tried cannabis while undergoing chemotherapy and recovering from surgery, and she found it very helpful in treating her pain, nausea, and anxiety. As an amputee, she has continued to find cannabis beneficial in minimizing her phantom sensations. In 2017, her remarkable story was featured in Teen Vogue magazine.

As a result of her experiences, Alicia developed a passion for learning about cannabis and sharing her knowledge. In addition to her work with patients at Prime, she recently traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to speak at CancerCon 2022.

When Alicia isn’t at the dispensary speaking with patients or updating our educational handouts, you might find her gardening, playing in a swamp, or reading yet another article about therapeutic applications of cannabis.

If you have questions about therapeutic cannabis, Alicia would be a great person to ask! You can reach her by calling the Chichester dispensary at 603-212-1500. We also encourage you to check out the documents on our “patient education” page to learn more about the science behind therapeutic cannabis.

Thanks for sharing your story, Alicia!

Meet Our Cultivation Manager on 4/20!

What day could be better than 4/20 for learning about cannabis cultivation? We are pleased to announce that our cultivation manager, Antonio Garcia, will be available to speak with patients and caregivers at the Chichester dispensary between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 20.

If you’re curious to learn more about Prime’s cultivation methods, this is a great opportunity to meet the man in charge!

Antonio has been a member of our cultivation team for more than five years, and he would be happy to tell you anything you might like to know about our cannabis plants. He will also have a table set up with some photos and information about the cultivation process.

photo of Antonio Garcia standing in front of LA Kush Cake plants
Prime’s cultivation manager, Antonio Garcia, smiles for a photo in front of some LA Kush Cake plants.

We hope lots of patients will take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about cannabis cultivation on 4/20!

Oversight Board Listens to Patients

Last week, the Therapeutic Cannabis Medical Oversight Board (TCMOB) spent two hours listening to patients’ perspectives on the program. Thanks to all who spoke at the meeting, both in-person and via Zoom!

photo of Rep. Jerry Knirk introducing listening session for oversight board
Rep. Jerry Knirk introduces the session via Zoom as patient representative Heather Marie Brown prepares to facilitate.

This was a great learning experience for all who attended and observed. Ray Duckler wrote a column on the listening session for the Concord Monitor, and Zach Huffman published an article at Both articles featured comments from Prime ATC’s Matt Simon in support of allowing home cultivation (a policy change requested by several patients).

“[I]t should never be a crime for patients who try to take care of their medical needs.”

Prime ATC’s Matt simon, quoted in the Concord Monitor

Several Prime ATC staff observed the meeting, and we greatly appreciated the opportunity to hear feedback from patients. We are constantly trying to improve our products and services and make them more affordable, and we understand that patients are relying on us to serve their therapeutic cannabis needs.

If you were not able to speak at the listening session, you can share your thoughts with the oversight board via email:

Many thanks to the oversight board for scheduling this session and listening to patients!

‘Listening Session’ Scheduled for Dec. 1

The N.H. Therapeutic Cannabis Medical Oversight Board wants to hear from patients at their meeting on Wednesday, December 1!

New Hampshire’s therapeutic cannabis law passed in 2013, and dispensaries began serving patients in 2016. Now that the program has been operational for more than five years, the Medical Oversight Board (TCMOB) has scheduled a listening session to hear perspectives from “patients, caregivers, medical providers, and other members of the public.” If you would like to share your experiences with the program and/or suggest improvements, this is an ideal opportunity to do so!

Here are the details:

  • When: Wednesday, December 1, 2021
  • Time: 5:30 to 7:30 PM
  • Where: NH Department of Health and Human Services
    29 Hazen Drive, Auditorium
    Concord, NH 03301
  • Remote Option: Zoom

The TCMOB is comprised of 13 members, including 10 medical providers and one qualifying patient. (The patient representative is Heather Marie Brown, who advocated for this opportunity for patients to address the TCMOB). Although the TCMOB does not have any regulatory authority over the program, it is tasked with making policy recommendations to legislators and regulators, and its recommendations are taken seriously.

If you are not comfortable speaking in public, the TCMOB invites you to share your thoughts with them via email:

Here is a screenshot of the full announcement from the program’s website:

We look forward to hearing patients’ perspectives at this listening session. This is sure to be educational for all who attend, so mark your calendars!

New Loyalty Program!

Dear Patients and Caregivers,

In September, when New Hampshire began allowing patients to shop at any ATC, we announced a special offer to attract new patients. But we didn’t forget about the patients who have supported Prime over the last five years! You are the reason we have been able to grow and become the #1 source for therapeutic cannabis in New Hampshire, and today we are pleased to reward you by announcing our new loyalty program.

For starters, all patients who have purchased from Prime at any point prior to September 10 (when we began the special for new patients) have already been rewarded with 2,500 points. If you want to spend your points today, you may redeem them for $25 in store credit. Or, if you wait until you have accumulated 5,000 points, you can redeem them for a “double bonus” store credit of $100.

We have already begun rewarding all patients with 1 point for every $1 spent at any Prime location. There will also be other ways to earn points, such as by reviewing products or completing surveys, and we look forward to sharing those opportunities as they arise. When you reach 1,000 points in your account, you (or your designated caregiver) may redeem them for a $10 store credit or wait until you accumulate 5,000 to qualify for the “double bonus.” Here are more details of the program:

Graphic announcement of loyalty program. Points have no cash value and may only be redeemed for cannabis products and accessories. Prime reserves the right to alter or discontinue the terms of this promotion at any time.

Our system will keep track of your points automatically, so there are no pesky punch-cards or complicated passwords to remember. If you have any questions about the program or want to check your points balance, just ask a staff member the next time you visit the dispensary!

We take great pride in the quality of our products, and we know that our flower prices are already the lowest of any New Hampshire ATC. But we also know there is still a lot of room for us to improve, and with your support we will continue to do so. We certainly understand that patients have other options for therapeutic cannabis, and we are rolling out this loyalty program to show our appreciation for patients who have chosen and continue to choose Prime.

Patients and caregivers, on behalf of our entire staff, we thank you for your past support and we look forward to serving you the next time you give us an opportunity. If you’d like to place an order, here is a link to our menu!


Keenan Blum
CEO, Prime Alternative Treatment Centers of N.H.

P.S. We’ve been ramping up our social media presence, so now would be a great time for you to like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram!

Prime Autumn Flavors!

‘Tis the season for fall products! Prime unveils a new seasonal fruit chew and flower strain to go along with our trail mix and apple cider.

There are already a lot of options to choose from on Prime ATC’s menu, but our staff is always working to develop new products. This fall, we are pleased to unveil a seasonally appropriate flower strain and a new “autumn spice” fruit chew. We are confident that patients will enjoy these new flowers and autumn flavors!

“Autumn Spice” Fruit Chews

Our delicious new fruit chews are seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger, and they are made with organic pumpkin puree. We hope you like them as much as we do!

Photo of Autumn Spice fruit chews
Prime’s “Autumn Spice” fruit chews
Ghouls N Ghosts

This spooky new flower is an indica-dominant (70-30) hybrid cross of Ghost OG and SinMint Cookies. Like the Orange Mojito we released a couple of weeks ago, it was bred by SinCity Seeds.

Photo of Prime's Ghouls N Ghosts flower, pre-harvest
Prime’s Ghouls N Ghosts flower, pre-harvest
Trail Mix

Also, don’t forget about Prime’s delicious trail mix – it’s the perfect snack for patients who want to get out and enjoy New Hampshire’s natural beauty in October!

Photo of Prime's trail mix
Prime’s Trail Mix

The dark chocolate is infused with cannabis distillate. The pecans are candied in-house with a touch of cinnamon and turmeric. Our mix also includes cashews, roasted pumpkin seeds, cherries, mango, strawberries, and in-house roasted coconut flakes. Each bag contains 50mg of THC and approximately 40g of trail mix. Please note that only the chocolate is infused and be sure to consider your dosage accordingly.

Apple Cider

Patients who enjoy apple cider may appreciate it even more when it is infused with cannabis distillate! Each pack of apple cider drink mix contains 50mg of THC.

photo of Prime's apple cider mix
Prime’s Apple Cider Mix

Did you know that Prime’s menu also features hot cocoa mix, iced tea mix, and lemonade mix? These are all great options for patients who prefer to consume cannabis in beverage form.

We hope you enjoy Prime’s autumn flavors! If you’d like to place an order, give us a call or visit our online menu here.

Two New Flower Strains!

Orange Mojito and Apex are now available in both Merrimack and Chichester!

If you’ve glanced at Prime’s menu this week, you may have noticed two new flower strains: Orange Mojito and Apex. These have both been added to our gold tier on an introductory basis, and we think patients are going to like them!

Orange Mojito

For fans of actual mojitos, this might seem like an odd name. Mojitos are made with mint and limes, not oranges! But when you smell this Orange Mojito flower, the name makes total sense. This hybrid leans slightly sativa (55/45), and it is a cross between Orange Cookies and SinMint Cookies bred by SinCity Seeds.

Patients who have been with Prime for a few years may remember a strain called Tangerine Haze. The aroma of Orange Mojito is somewhat similar: fruity and a little bit minty, like the name suggests. We hope patients will find this strain beneficial, and we look forward to hearing feedback on its effects!

Photo of Prime's Orange Mojito flower
Prime’s Orange Mojito flower, pre-harvest
Photo of trimmed Orange Mojito flower
Prime’s Orange Mojito flower, trimmed

This new strain is also a hybrid (50/50), and it also produced some great-looking flower. Bred by ETHOS Genetics, Apex is a cross of Mandarin Cookies and Lilac Diesel Bx3.

Photo of Apex flower
Prime’s Apex flower, pre-harvest
Photo of Prime's Apex flower, trimmed
Prime’s Apex flower, trimmed

Patients, we hope you enjoy these two new flower strains, and we look forward to hearing what you think of them!

N.H. Patients Are Now Free to Choose!

Prime ATC is celebrating this change by offering first-time patients a $50 store credit on their first Prime purchase!

Great news: New Hampshire patients and caregivers are now free to buy therapeutic cannabis from any dispensary in the state! Patients have been requesting this improvement to the law for many years, and we are very pleased that the Legislature and Gov. Sununu agreed to support it in 2021.

Here is an official announcement, which includes some important details:

Promotion for First-Time Patients!

Now that patients are free to choose any ATC, our staff members are excited to welcome all registered N.H. patients and caregivers at our dispensaries in Merrimack (380 Daniel Webster Highway) and Chichester (349 Dover Road). If you are a patient who has never made a purchase at Prime, come on down and take advantage of our new promotion for first-time patients!

Our online menu is available here, and our Merrimack location is open today from 10am to 7pm.

Please note that the Chichester location is closed on Mondays and opens at 10am on Tuesdays. (In other words, it is closed today and will reopen tomorrow morning.)

Coming Soon: Loyalty Program

Don’t worry, we aren’t forgetting about the thousands of patients who have helped us build Prime into what it is today. We are very grateful for your support over the last five years, and we will do everything we can to ensure that Prime remains patients’ #1 choice for therapeutic cannabis in New Hampshire.

We are currently working out the details of a new loyalty program to show our appreciation for patients who continue to choose Prime. You can expect us to announce details on that soon.
We will also continue to keep you posted about changes to the therapeutic cannabis law on an ongoing basis, so stay tuned for updates! 

New Laws Expand Access!

New Hampshire’s therapeutic cannabis law continues to improve! This week, Gov. Chris Sununu signed HB 605, a bill that adds opioid use disorder as a qualifying condition and allows visiting patients to purchase from New Hampshire dispensaries.

The governor has also signed SB 162, which will allow New Hampshire patients to make purchases from any dispensary in the state, and other bills that will favorably impact the therapeutic cannabis program.

These are important steps forward that will benefit patients. We will share more details as we learn more about when and how the state intends to implement the changes. Check back soon for updates!

Strain Names: No More XYZ!

Are you tired of being confused by the strain abbreviations on our website and product labels? So are we!

Fortunately, the New Hampshire Legislature passed a bill this year that allows us to include strain names on our website and requires us to use them on our labels. HB 240, which was signed by Gov. Chris Sununu in June, went into effect today.

As a result of this bill’s passage, Prime ATC has implemented these welcome changes:

  • The menus on our website have all been updated to include strain names. No more struggling to remember which letters go with which strain when placing an online order!
  • Beginning today, all products that we package will include the strain name on the label. (Note: we are not re-labeling our current inventory, so you will continue to see abbreviations on products labeled prior to August 3.)

This improvement to the Therapeutic Cannabis Program will reduce confusion for patients, caregivers, and dispensary staff. But don’t take our word for it – check out the menu and see for yourself!

We look forward to our next opportunity to serve you in Chichester or Merrimack.