New CBDV-A Flower!

You’ve probably heard a lot about CBD (cannabidiol), but are you familiar with CBDV (cannabidivarin)? We are pleased to introduce a new flower that features this non-intoxicating cannabinoid: Pine Walker CBDV-A!

CBDV has not been studied nearly as much as CBD or THC, but it has recently begun receiving more attention. From the research conducted so far, it appears that CBDV may be helpful for treating nausea, inflammation, muscle function, seizures, neurological conditions, and autism spectrum disorder.

Like other cannabinoids, the plant produces the acid form, CBDV-A. When the plant is heated, such as when you smoke or vaporize the flower, it converts into CBDV. You can read more about CBDV here.

Pine Walker CBDV-A will provide patients with both CBDV and CBD in nearly equal parts. This cultivar is also rich in terpenes, including over 1% beta-myrcene.

Much like our White CBG flower and our CBD flowers, patients may wish to try blending Pine Walker CBDV-A with other flowers to obtain a desired ratio of cannabinoids.

Our Pine Walker CBDV-A flower is now available at both Prime ATC dispensaries, and it is also available in pre-rolls. Visit our menu if you’d like to place an order!

photo of Pine Walker CBV-A flower, pre-harvest