Price Cut: All Vapes!

Our inflation-busting efforts continue with a price reduction on all vapes! All Prime ATC vape cartridges are now priced at $48, down from $55.

They’re even more affordable when you buy in bulk. Patients can now get three vapes for $138 ($46 each), five for $220 ($44 each) or ten for $420 ($42 each). We currently have more than 20 different vapes on our menus, and this price reduction will make it easier to try more options!

graphic illustrating price reductions for all vapes

Like all Prime ATC products, we produce all our vapes in-house using oil from plants we grow ourselves. An independent lab tests all our products, so patients can always know what they are getting and feel confident in the quality.

Our staff has worked very hard to make this price reduction possible. We’ve already reduced prices on concentrates, kief, oral syringes, and tinctures this year, but we didn’t want to stop there. We always love seeing lower prices on our menus because we know patients will have an easier time affording therapeutic cannabis!

Price Cut: All Tinctures!

Great news: we are reducing prices on all tinctures at Prime ATC, effective TODAY! All 4mL tinctures are now $22 (down from $30) and all 12mL tinctures are now $59 (down from $90).

Tinctures are some of the most therapeutically beneficial cannabis products because they absorb through the tissue under your tongue. This allows them to begin taking effect more quickly than edible products. We often recommend tinctures, especially to patients who are new to cannabis, and we hope this price cut will encourage more patients to try our tinctures.

Our hardworking staff deserves all the credit for making this price reduction possible. We look forward to announcing more inflation-busting price cuts in the future!

We are pleased to offer eight types of tinctures, each with a different mixture of cannabinoids and potential therapeutic benefits. Our menu includes the following options: Anytime CBD, Anytime CBD/THC, Daytime THC, Daytime THCA, Daytime THCA/THC, Delta 8 THC, Golden Ratio, and Nighttime THC.

Patients who are looking for a therapeutic option that is only mildly intoxicating may be especially interested in our Golden Ratio tincture. It contains 3 non-intoxicating cannabinoids (CBD, CBDA, THCA) in a 3:1 ratio with THC. You can read more about each type of Prime ATC tincture in our products library. We also have a page with more information on how to use tinctures.

For patients and caregivers who are interested in learning more about tinctures, we are offering a Tincture class via Zoom at 5pm on Thursday, October 20. The class will cover what tinctures are, how to use them, and the different options we have available. To sign up for the class, call us at either dispensary or email us at

If you’d like to place an order for one of our tinctures, visit our menu!

Tinctures price drop effective 10/10. All 4mL tinctures were $30, now only $22. All 12 mL tinctures were $90, now only $59.

Oil Sale and Price Reductions!

This seems like a great weekend for an oil sale! Specifically, we will be offering a sale involving vape carts, diamonds, and budder, and we will also be reducing prices for kief and oral syringes!

On Friday (July 8) and Saturday (July 9) only, when you buy five select full spectrum vape carts, you can get a sixth cart for only $5. Choose from six different strains! We will also be offering .5g of select budders for 40% off when you buy 1g of select diamonds.

But that’s not all! We are pleased to announce that prices for kief and oral syringes are being reduced across the board beginning July 8. Kief will be reduced from $60 to $45 for 1g and from $30 to $25 for .5g, and all oral syringes will be reduced from $80 to $70!

If you’d like to place an order after the sale begins and the price reductions take effect, visit our menu!

sale flyer image

Seniors, military veterans, and patients enrolled in the Compassionate Care Program will receive an additional 10% discount. Sale may not be combined with other discounts or loyalty points redemptions. While supplies last. No rainchecks. Orders must be picked up by end of sale to receive discounts.