Super Skunk Returns!

Super Skunk is back, and this time we’ve got plenty to go around! This sativa-leaning hybrid has been a big hit with patients in the past, so we decided to grow a larger batch. It is now available in both Chichester and Merrimack!

photo of Super Skunk flower, trimmed
Super Skunk flower, trimmed

Developed by Top Dawg Seeds, this cultivar (a.k.a. “strain”) is a cross between Mass Super Skunk and Skunk #18. Our strain guide suggests that its characteristics may be “focusing,” “stimulating,” and “energizing.”

Despite the name, it actually smells more lemony than skunky due to the presence of a terpene called D-Limonene. Our growers have reported that it also has a funky aroma, almost like cheese. And our Merrimack dispensary staff observed that it smells “sour and earthy” and appears to be covered in trichomes (tiny crystals that are loaded with cannabinoids).

Some patients report that Super Skunk is helpful for relieving pain, reducing stress, and stimulating appetite. You can find it on our menu in the gold flower tier.

In other news, we are pleased to announce that Blue Dream and Cherry Gar-See-Ya flower are back in stock! Both have been added to the silver tier. Pre-rolls are also available in limited supply. Visit our menu if you’d like to place an order!

photo of actual New Hampshire skunk
This is a regular (not super) skunk. He lives in Manchester, enjoys rooting around in the grass, and doesn’t know anything at all about cannabis.