At Prime, we take great pride in our hand trimming process. Most people understand that cannabis flower looks and feels better when it is trimmed by a skilled hand, but unfortunately, many companies try to reduce costs by relying on machines to perform this task rather than people. Not us! We believe patients deserve the best quality therapeutic cannabis, and that is why we take time to ensure that our flower is treated with the utmost care at every step in the process.

These freshly trimmed buds are our new Ghouls N Ghosts flower:

Tray of hand trimmed Ghouls N Ghosts cannabis flower
Ghouls N Ghosts flower, trimmed

The hand trimming process begins after the flower has been properly dried. The bud is covered with leaves, and these must be removed to uncover the flower.

photo of bud covered with leaves
Ghouls N Ghosts flower covered with leaves

Trimming away small leaves improves the smoking or vaping characteristics of the flower. It also leaves a beautiful final product. In this series of photos, Andrew Thayer’s steady hand helps to unleash the dark power of Prime’s new Halloween-friendly flower!

photo of Andrew Thayer trimming leaves
Andrew Thayer trims leaves from cannabis flower

The process is time consuming, but we think the results are absolutely worth the hard work!

photo of Andrew Thayer removing small leaves from cannabis flower
Andrew Thayer removes small leaves

As a result of our trimmers’ diligent work, patients who visit Prime’s dispensaries are able to obtain this photogenic flower covered with red hairs and trichomes (the small “crystals,” which are full of cannabinoids). Any bud which does not meet our aesthetic standards is processed into pre-rolls or extracted to produce cannabis-infused products. 

photo of finished Ghouls N Ghosts flower
Finished Ghouls N Ghosts flower

By the way, if you haven’t tried our Ghouls N Ghosts flower yet, you can find it on here on our menu!

The Importance of Hand Trimming

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  1. I’m appreciative of this post! I’m sick of getting machine trimmed/sifted bud from other upper valley dispensaries! Thank you for leaving the natural terpenes and for taking such excellent care of this flower! Other dispos should follow your lead!

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