We have added a popular sativa and three new full-spectrum vapes to Prime’s menu

By popular demand, the classic sativa known as Panama Red has made its triumphant return to Prime’s menu!

photo of Prime's Panama Red flower, pre-harvest
Prime’s Panama Red flower, pre-harvest

Patients who have been registered with Prime for several years may remember our old Panama Red flower. Several patients have requested that we bring back this popular sativa, and our growers were more than happy to oblige. We believe the new Panama Red is very similar to our previous Panama Red, and we hope you will try it and let us know what you think!

The Panama Red flower is now available in both Merrimack and Chichester, and we also have Panama Red full spectrum vape cartridges. Pre-rolls will appear on the dispensary shelves next week.

photo of Prime's Panama Red flower, trimmed
Prime’s Panama Red flower, trimmed
New Full-Spectrum Vape Options

Patients have given us a lot of positive feedback on our new flower strains, and some are now available as full-spectrum vape cartridges. In addition to Panama Red, our menu now includes Orange Mojito and Ghouls N Ghosts vape cartridges. Patients, we hope you find these new products beneficial!

Another Classic Sativa Returns!

2 thoughts on “Another Classic Sativa Returns!

  1. I just bought some today and tried it 5 minutes ago. I was so happy when I saw it on the menu. In my opinion, it was the best sativa you guys have had since I started as a patient. It has very peppy, cerebral effects for me, but doesn’t make me feel super high. I also never got a crash a few hours later from it like I often do with other sativas. I can’t say yet if that still holds true with the new batch. The taste is a little different. The old stuff used to taste like ginger candies to me. I don’t get that with the new batch, but it’s still tasty. Thanks for bringing it back!

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