Now that cannabis retail stores have opened in Vermont, many Granite Staters are asking “when will New Hampshire legalize?” It’s impossible to answer this question with certainty, but we know the upcoming election will have a huge impact on the odds.

The word “cannabis” will not appear on New Hampshire ballots in November. However, the individuals who are elected to the state legislature will determine the future of cannabis policy in our state. Since the 400-member House has already passed several legalization bills, more attention will be focused on candidates for the 24-member Senate.

At Prime ATC, we have no interest in telling you who to vote for, but we do encourage you to become an informed voter. Fortunately, the Marijuana Policy Project has published a detailed voter guide that makes it easy to do so. The voter guide focuses on races for state Senate and governor, and it includes candidates’ past votes, survey responses, and public statements.

If you’re a voter, we suggest that you take time to find out where candidates on your ballot stand on cannabis policy. If you decide a candidate is worthy of your support, that’s great! Candidates are always happy to receive positive messages from voters.

On the other hand, if you learn that a candidate does not share your views on cannabis policy, you may want to send them a message. The voter guide includes links to candidates’ websites and social media accounts, so you can reach out if you’d like to ask that they consider your perspective.

We hope you find this information helpful!

Screenshot of tweet from Marijuana Policy Project. "NH is the only state in New England that hasn't legalized and regulated cannabis for adults. That could finally change in 2023. Check out MPP's New Hampshire voter guide, which includes background on state Senate and gubernatorial candidates."

Click here to visit the voter guide.

Voter Guide Published!

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